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Feedback 2015

Feedback 2015

Dan Maraye, Former Governor, Get Bank of Mauritius & Chairman, Glamis Business School, Mauritius

Dear Dr. R. L. Bhatia,
I would like to thank you for the honour bestowed upon me. I am glad to have received the award personally from you.

Aldo Sambo, International Exchange Director, Education Ministry, Luanda-Angola

Dear Dr. R. L. Bhatia,
We thank You for being creative and realize your dreams. It was a great honor for me take part in such An Important Activity.
We are certainly going to keep in touch and as long as we Can Participate in every other activities held in the Same ideals. I will like to have those inspirational videos You shared with us, as well as your book.
For the other hand, as I have already asked I would like to read more about the criteria used to pick up the AWARDS winners.
I am now on my way to Angola and I will certainly inform the Minister of such extraordinary initiative.

Prof. Mutuku J. Mutinga, Vice-Chancellor, Rusangu University

I take this opportunity , Sir, thank you and your colleagues organizers of the awards very sincerely for such an honor. I have no words to express the joy in me that there are people out there who appreciate efforts being made for service to our fellow human beings. May God richly bless you and endow you with much more spirit of service and means as you reach out to encourage in various ways and especially the award system those that are trying to do what matters in this world and that is the service to humanity and to leave this world of ours better than we found it.
I was touched so much with your various remarks and the videos to explain them. You mentioned you could share some with me to share with others in our University. I would be so much honored if you could send them to me.

Once more , Sir, thank you so much. Thank also fo sharing the planned meetings in the future. I will give as much support as possible.

I arrived safely also. May thanks again

Prof. Esosa Bob-Osaze, Ph.D, University of Benin, Nigeria

Thank you ever so much for the wonderful outing in Mauritius. May your vision never grow dim or your intellectual arteries ever harden. Good job. I am willing to be of assistance anytime.

I was touched so much with your various remarks and the videos to explain them. You mentioned you could share some with me to share with others in our University. I would be so much honored if you could send them to me.

Sandhya Virtual centre for Innovative Learning Technologies, University of Mauritius

Thank you so much for the photos. Also I would like to show my appreciation for the honour and recognition you have bestowed upon the Virtual centre for Innovative Learning Technologies.

Dr. Djebbar TIAB Professor, Petroleum Engineering, The University of Oklahoma

Thank you for all your efforts to make a difference in education. I do share your vision.

Evelyn Chiloane-Tsoka Professor, Dcom in Entrepreneurship

No words can express my sincere gratitude. It was my pleasure to be part of such an excellent achievers. I learned a lot and no one could have afforded me the platform you expose me to. The award marks a milestone in my career indeed things can only escalate from this far. Will send manuscript in your journal and hope to participate in the coming women conference. Please send me an official invitation to start with application for funding.

Venkatesh Seshamani University of Zambia

Thank you for your message and the pictures. It was indeed a well-organized function and all credit goes to you and your team of assistants.

It was indeed a matter of great honour for me personally and for the University of Zambia to have been selected for the Africa Education Leadership Award: Best Professor in Economics for 2013.
Evelyn Chiloane-Tsoka
If there is any way I could assist you in your laudable efforts to bridge the gap between classroom instructions in educational institutions and creative capabilities in places of work, I shall be happy to do so.

My regards and best wishes in all your future endeavours.

Prof. EJ Spamer Uitvoerende Direkteur: Eenheid vir Oop Afstandsleer, Executive Director: Unit for Open Distance Learning, Potchefstroom Campus, North-West University

Once again thank you very much for the big honour be awarded with the Africa Educational Leadership award. It's not only an honour for myself, but also for my university, currently one of the biggest universities in Africa. Also very much for the photos.