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Feedback 2016

Feedback 2016

Giovanni Jolicoeur, Founder & CEO, Get Innovative Output

Listening to the different invitees at the Africa Leadership Awards, I have seen an Africa which is willing to progress, a continent that is seeking new horizons and a united front of bright and wonderful people who have the interest of their people at heart and ready to make success theirs for a brighter future. This as a fellow leader and entrepreneur has given me new hope to create a better Africa for the coming generations.

Kevina Takoordyal, Head of Customer Accounts, CIM Finance Ltd.

I am still moved as at date with the level of positive energy and compassion that was present on that day. It was inspiring to meet great leaders across Asia and Africa and I am now confident that with all these great leaders out there who are leading with their heart, mind and soul with one common goal, giving back to others and community , there is a hope for a better tomorrow.

Dr. Suresh Nanda, Head, International Banking, Bank One Limited.

I take this opportunity to thank you, the jury and the entire team of World CSR Day for bestowing the honour of Africa Super Achiever Award. As a Banker who is currently focused on funding into Africa, this award gives me further motivation and additional enthusiasm to make a meaningful contribution to the growth of Africa with responsible lending. I will continue in my effort look forward to guiding and facilitating the African corporate to play a strong role of meeting domestic and international demands as also become global players.

Cora Ng-Korimbocus, Head of Communications, Financial Services Promotion Agency (FSPA).

I have been very pleased with the constant communication & availability in the introduction of the event, in providing info, in getting the panels together in advance and with the platform of such diverse countries within Africa you managed to pull out to Mauritius. It was indeed, a rich sharing experience. My motto in my professional career has always been "Marketing for Good" & today, I am delighted to see that there are professionals around us who is also willing to give to this world something back.

Sanjeev K. S. Gopaul, Founder & Chief Executive Officer, Credentia Group

The Africa Leadership Awards is on course to become the event in Africa which brings together leaders in fields of finance, education, agriculture, healthcare and social integration. Recognizing such diverse leadership is unique and praiseworthy for the organizers. It provides a real boost for us to achieve more, to give more to society and to encourage others to lead differently

Subheer Ramnoruth, Director, Whitefield Business School

I am grateful & honoured to be part of the Africa Leadership Award. The array of delegates plus the quality of interactions though the various sessions proved to be a real eye opener and a great networking platform. It's indeed a fantastic job that you & your team have embarked upon. All the very best for future editions.

Christabel Amegayibor, Head – HR, Admin & IT, Africa World Airlines

I have been very pleased with the constant communication & availability in the introduction of the event, in providing info, in getting the panels together in advance and with the platform of such diverse countries within Africa you managed to pull out to Mauritius. It was indeed, a rich sharing experience.

Dr Dhananjay Keskar, Vice Chancelllor - Amity Institute of Higher Education, Director - Amity Global Business School Mauritius

Africa Leadership Awards is a very organized program. The selection of awardees aptly demonstrates the high caliber of leadership in Africa. Such a recognition in an international forum on a grand scale is much appreciated by all.

S R Issur-Goorah, Registrar, University of Mauritius

Leadership is the art of motivating others to continuously improve and excel in any given activity.

Shadrack Kiptoo Kirui, Human Resources Manager, Amref Health Africa

HR is a key value driver to organizational success and should facilitate employee engagement and leadership at the bottom of the pyramid.

Lucy Chege, General Manager – Infrastructure Finance: Energy, Development Bank of Southern Africa

The event was very inspiring and it provided an excellent opportunity to meet and interact with many talented individuals that are making a significant difference to people's lives in different fields.

Dr. Manta Devi NOWBUTH, Dean, Faculty of Ocean Studies, University of Mauritius

It was indeed a very touching moment for me to be part of the Africa Leadership Award. The teaching profession is known to be one which is very difficult. Often the contribution of the teacher is recognised by the learner a long time after the latter has parted from the teacher, on rare occasions do we get the feedback on how we have contributed to shaping the lives of our students, who are always so dear to us. Teachers are well aware that they play a very important role given that they are often the role models of the students.

The event was very well organised, with facilitators ensuring the participation of the audience with the speakers. The Key Note Speaker was amazing and someone who has the welfare of Africa at heart.

'The role of a Teacher is to help a Learner prepare of the strong foundation on which he confidently and successfully builds his own future'.

Sonia Paiva, Managing Director, Woman Farmer Foundation

World Sustainability – progressive, possible recommendations have to be implemented (or else all good that has been discussed will remain behind closed doors of the Conference Centers) or in the corridors of the best Universities in the African Continent.

We are currently living in 2 worlds apart, one (the academic, public and private enterprise) the other one is the one that we come from the NGO world that is working with the people on the ground from grass root levels. We need to try and bring both closer together to achieve the desired results.

Sustainability is essential for the survival of any organization

Dinesh Shukla, President, American International University West Africa

The ceremony itself was fantastic, especially your introduction which was moving and very inspirational. I am truly amazed at dedication and professionalism of your entire team. Well Done!

Dr (Mrs) Sharmila Pamela Seetulsingh-Goorah, Director General, University of Technology, Mauritius

The Award ceremony was a great opportunity to meet colleagues from other Universities. What struck me is the humility and sincerity of all awardees and the genuineness of their efforts to help others achieve their best potential and make a positive difference to humanity.


Odenda Lumumba Richard, Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Kenya Land Alliance

Leadership ensures that societies prosper, yet the reverse is corruption, war and absence of public services. Thus, while the call for SDGs is social inclusiveness, and environmentally sustainable economic growth; SDGs are just a wish list of goals based on fine ideals but lacking means of realization. The impression one gets is that it looks like something serious is being done about development when, in fact, governments are just carrying on as before.

Juliette Biao Koudenoukpo, PhD, Director & Regional Representative, United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP)

December 7, 2016 was a special day with the Green Future Leadership Award in Mauritius. I feel privileged to have been part of something so special. This leadership award reinforced my determination and commitment to support African countries to go green